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Libuna XXL Pads| Heavy Flow | Anti- Bacterial Rash-free | Ultra thin | 360MM Long


Super soft top sheet for all day comfort.
Organic materials such as bamboo pulp are used to design pads which makes it rash-free.
Moisture recking polymers are used for faster absorption and keeps pad dry for long.
Anion chip to protect you from period infection and locks odour.
Wider wings design to keep the product intacted in one place

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Product Description


  • SUPER SOFT AND THIN: The Libuna sanitary pad ensures maximum comfort and gentle protection with an ultra-thin, breathable bottom improving air circulation, and eliminating heat and moisture, and moves with your body and stays in place no matter what you are doing.
  • RASH-FREE COMFORT & ERADICATE ODOR: We at Libuna hygiene make sure that the Odor of your period remains locked in our Libuna sanitary anion chip pad and does not allow any bacteria, or fungus to affect your vaginal area.
  • NOT JUST A PERIOD PARTNER, BUT YOUR CYCLE ENHANCER: Libuna hygiene anion pad contains many layers including a non-itchy fabric top layer followed by air-laid sterilized paper, tissue paper, and cornstarch paper which works Progressively to get your periods on time without consumption of any period inhibitor pill.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT POLYMERS FOR EXTRA ABSORPTION: Libuna sanitary pads provide side leak guards and Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) that keep you dry and comfortable all day long making it a perfect and worry-free pad without any stain or leakage
  • MULTIPLE FLOW OPTION: We have designed period-friendly pads for conditions ranging from light flow to post-parta flow. you can also customize our period pads in travel-friendly kits. 
  • ANION CHIP: Libuna anions sanitary pads have anions in their pads and panty liners in the form of anion chips. When this chip in the Libuna pad contact with moisture, it releases anions. Furthermore, after reaching our bloodstream, anions produce biochemical reactions that bring an abundance of healing & health benefits to our bodies