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Libuna Hygiene
Your Path to Smooth and Healthy Periods

Pure Protection: Organic, Antibacterial, and Rash-Free Pads

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Rash-Free Pads by Libuna Hygiene

Libuna - Enhancing Your Cycle, Beyond Just A Period Partner

Discover the Libuna hygiene anion chip pad, created with six layers for maximum comfort. Starting with a non-itchy cotton top layer, these biodegradable sanitary pads operate progressively to ensure your periods are on time without the need for any period inhibitor pill.

With our rash-free pads, you will enjoy the freshness and protection you deserve during your menstrual period. With Libuna, your ultimate cycle enhancer, you can embrace the confidence of a worry-free period.

About Us​

At Libuna, we are deeply committed to women’s health and wellness. We feel that menstruation is a natural and empowering process. Our primary concept is that “Menstruation is not a problem, but poor menstrual hygiene is.” With this as our guiding concept, we’ve built a business that is more than just about selling biodegradable pads. Libuna is here to educate and empower women about proper menstrual hygiene.

You can expect a smooth and healthy menstrual experience with Libuna. Our team creates products for your comfort, safety, and their positive environmental effects. We are committed to making a positive difference in the women’s lives, enabling every woman to manage her period gracefully.

Libuna Aims

Libuna has a commitment to transform women’s menstrual hygiene globally. Our major mission involves educating and empowering women about menstrual hygiene, ensuring a smooth and healthy period experience for everybody. We believe that every woman deserves to be able to manage her menstrual cycle with confidence, free of discomfort and anxiety.

As a brand that values your well-being, we provide a selection of carefully picked items that are tailored to your specific requirements. Our biodegradable pads, rash-free pads, anion chip sanitary pads, and ultrathin pads are the most comfortable and protective options. We prioritize your health in everything we do, and we consistently strive to develop and improve to offer you the best sanitary pads options.

Founders' Message

As the founders of Libuna, we are well aware of the critical role menstrual hygiene plays in women’s health. Extensive research on menstrual hygiene products drove us to create a brand that exceeds the ordinary – one offering a complete, pleasant, and healthy menstruation experience.

We at Libuna are motivated by a dedication to women’s well-being that goes beyond product sales. Our priority is to provide healthy and eco-friendly solutions that provide unsurpassed comfort and protection to women globally. Our main aim is your well-being, empowering women to face their menstrual cycle with confidence and pride.

We ensure you have access to the best menstrual hygiene products with Libuna’s biodegradable pads, Libuna ‘s rash-free pads, Libuna’s anion chip sanitary pads, Libuna’s ultrathin pads, and more.

Elevating your well-being with Eco-friendly Solutions: Biodegradable Pads – Libuna