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Is it Okay to Exercise During My Period?
Comfortable Workout with Antibacterial Sanitary Pads


Exercise During My Period: a healthy way


Does working out while on your period make you want to retire your running shoes? Are you worried about how your period will impact your fitness routine? You are not alone. Many people skip their workouts during this time of the month for many reasons. But there’s no reason to skip exercising just because you have your period, especially when you have the comfort and protection of antibacterial sanitary pads like those from Libuna Hygiene.


Benefits of Exercising on Your Period

Exercise’s physical and mental benefits don’t stop just because you have your period. Sticking with a routine can help ease some common complaints that accompany menstruation.


  • Decrease PMS Signs: If you experience fatigue and mood swings in the days showing up to your period and during your cycle, routine aerobic exercise may reduce these symptoms.


  • Tap into your Endorphins: Exercise gives you a natural endorphin high, elevating your mood and acting as a natural painkiller, which can provide relief from uncomfortable periods.


  • Experience more Strength and Power: The first two weeks of your menstrual cycle may allow you to experience more significant strength and power boosts due to lower groups of female hormones.


  • Enhance Your Mood: Exercising during your period will enhance your mood and increase circulation, reducing cramps, headaches, or back pain that comes with your period.


  • Fight Painful Periods: If you experience painful periods, exercises such as light walking may help decrease these symptoms.


The Best Exercises to Do on Your Period

The first few days of your period may be uncomfortable, so focus on soft movements and exercises. Consider using antibacterial sanitary pads and rash-free sanitary pads for added comfort.

Small walks, jogging in periods

  • Light Walking or Other Cardio: Opt for gentle cardiovascular activities like light cardio or walking in the initial days of your period. Research suggests that lung function may improve later in your cycle.


  • Low-Volume Strength Training and Power-Based Activities: Leveraging your potential for increased strength during this time, incorporate low-volume strength training and power-based exercises. Longer flow sessions that combine strength and cardio work well, too.


  • Yoga and Pilates: The days leading up to your period are ideal for activities like yoga, which can relax your body and potentially alleviate symptoms such as cramping, breast tenderness, and muscular fatigue.


Exercises to Avoid on Your Period:

While you can maintain your regular exercise routine, there are a few considerations. Choose antibacterial pads for added hygiene and protection.


  • Reduce Training Stress and Volume: If you feel exhausted, consider decreasing the intensity and volume of your workouts. Some exercises may feel more challenging during your period, so listen to your body.


  • Limit Cardio and Steadiness Training: High-intensity cardiovascular or steadiness training might need adjustment if you’re fatigued. The perceived work rate can increase during your period, making exercises more challenging.


  • Avoid Skill and Precision Training: During your period, it’s best to avoid exercises that require precision and skill, as your coordination and fine motor skills may be slightly harmed.


The Bottom Line

There’s no scientific reason to skip your workouts during your period, especially when you have the support of antibacterial sanitary pads. Exercise can bring many benefits, from reducing PMS symptoms to boosting your mood and enhancing strength and power. The key is to listen to your body, adjust the intensity if needed, and choose exercises that align with your comfort level.


Whether it’s gentle walking, strength training, or yoga, staying active during your period with Libuna Hygiene’s antibacterial sanitary pads can contribute to a healthier and more comfortable menstrual cycle.

सेनेटरी पैड Image: Women's sanitary pads designed for cleanliness and ease.

So, don’t let your period be a roadblock to your fitness goals – lace up your shoes and keep moving! Get your hands on the antibacterial sanitary pads at www.libunahygiene.com