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A Guide To Period Delays : Problems, Facts & Remedies

PERIODS: A Gift From Mother Nature

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The menstrual Cycle is one of the biggest phases in a girl’s life when it starts it brings various changes in your body. Women might feel a difference in hormone levels; they might get spiked during periods or vice versa in some cases. The periods last from 7 to 11 days, which can be painful and a bit discomforting, but they are necessary as they indicate our reproductive system’s health. A regular period cycle leads to a healthy reproductive system But if you are facing irregular periods then they may occur due to lifestyle issues or some conditions like PCOS.

Why are Periods Important?

Periods may cause cramps, body pains, discomfort, mood swings and more but they play a vital role in maintaining your body healthy from the inside. So it is important to understand the benefits and the role that periods play in a woman’s reproductive health.

  1. Menstrual cycles lead to the natural detox of old cells and tissues from your body, reducing the risks of any infections.
  2. Balance in Estrogen and Progesterone levels that improves cardiovascular health.
  3. Regular periods reduce the risks of ovarian and endometrial cancer as they prevent cancer-causing agents.
  4. The periods balance Estrogen and Progesterone which improves bone density and protects against osteoporosis.

What Causes Periods Delay?

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Period delay is the most common and rising issue in girls these days. This occurs due to a bad lifestyle or some internal problems. Here are some most common issues that cause delays in periods.

  • Anxiety: Due to excessive stress issues like hormonal imbalance can occur. Which leads to no periods, short periods or delays for more than 11 days.
  • PCOS:  This problem arises when a cyst is formed on your ovaries and it can mess up your periods. This issue should be taken seriously and consulted with the gynecologist.     

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)

polycystic ovary syndrome


  • Disorders of the thyroid: With too high or too low thyroid activity, period irregularities can be brought on.
    Disorders of the thyroid
  • Elevated Prolactinemia: Prolactin, the hormone that produces milk, is elevated. Excess prolactin can throw off your menstrual cycle.Elevated Prolactinemia Diagram
  • Premature ovarian failure: It occurs when your ovaries cease to function normally before they should become the reason for period delays or no periods.

Tips to Get Periods on Time Without Medication

It is always easy to grab a medicine or pill and induce periods, but is it healthy for your body? No way !! with our tips and tricks, you can naturally maintain a healthy period cycle every month.

  • SAY YES TO HEALTHY DIET : You can add nutrient-rich items to your diet like whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats like ghee. Some specific fruits help to induce the periods quickly like papaya and pineapple.
    papaya and other fruits


  • EXERCISE REGULARLY: Regular physical activity, such as brisk walking, jogging, or yoga, can help regulate your menstrual cycle by reducing stress and promoting hormonal balance. You can also include some pelvic exercises in your routine.

  • HERBAL REMEDIES: You can include some herbal teas in your diet such as ginger tea, Turmeric tea, cinnamon, and also hot milk to induce the periods.

Period Problems : Stay Informed & Proactive

The period delays are nothing to panic about, all you need to do is understand the problem and find the correct solution for it. Lifestyle modifications such as a healthy diet, a perfect exercise routine, and positivity will contribute to healthy periods. With our periods guide you can learn about the problems and solutions associated with periods. However, it is also essential to approach any remedy with caution and consult with your healthcare provider.